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Calacanis going acoustic

November 8, 2008

A comment I posted to Paul Boutin’s Wired article following the latest email from  Jason Calacanis titled “Coverage of our little experiment in WIRED and the Economist (plus Tokyo next week)”:

Paul Boutin talk about the end of blogging in WIRED: “Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Make Blogs Look So 2004”

Last September, when interviewing both Jason Calacanis and Robert Scoble for Cyber Sapiens, a video documentary (in progress) on social media, I asked them to share their views on such trends in the blogosphere.

While both still prefer long-form writing, Calacanis indeed chose to, literally, change the stage and redefine his audience reach — “I wanted to do something more intimate, a little more acoustic, and so I started an email newsletter, which is sort of going from playing with the Rolling Stones to going and playing in a coffeehouse, instead of an arena or a stadium to just playing in a coffeehouse again.”

However, Robert Scoble seemed particularly excited about the power of aggregation offered by platforms like FriendFeed, and the new ways now available to monitor all of his multi media blogging and generate more traffic and interaction around his blog — “things like my Flickr photos go in there, my YouTube videos go in there, my blog posts go in there, my Twitter tweets go in there, and all sort of other things go into the FreindFeed and then you can talk about them or share them with other people, or pass them along.”

. . .

And a clip from the interview with Jason Calacanis, taken last September at TechCrunch50:

1938media meets tinro|media @TC50

November 3, 2008

Seen at TechCrunch50, while filming for Cyber Sapiens:

Heard at TechCrunch50:

So, am I your Production Assistant now?

Am I what?!

P.A., Production Assistant.

Yes, You are my Production Assistant. You are French!

Everybody thinks that.

What are you? Israeli?!




You too? Landsmen. Always. You look like a Sheigetz though. You do!