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The One and Ono: Cut Piece (1965)

March 22, 2017


July 4, 2015

Street art in Schönefeld:

“Heil”, a new film coming to theater near you… “Like us on Facebook, follow us in Twitter”:


Berlin Wall, detante:


Mother Russia at the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park:


The Fernsehturm in East Berlin:


Stepping on Stolpersteine down memory lane:


With the Grimm Brothers, Hegel, et al. at Humbuldt University:


The axes of memory at the Jewish Museum of Berlin:


The Tier Gardens in focus:


“Obedience” at the Jewish Museum of Berlin:


The Wannsee villa, home of the “Final Solution”:


The Wannsee villa, reflections of the “Final Solution”:


At Sanssouci:


Watching the gardens at Sanssouci:


Images of an Infinite Film

September 17, 2013


Images of an Infinite Film

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Projects 100

September 17, 2013

Projects 100, Akram Zaatri: “I lived in a country where everything was falling apart” (at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA))

Venting @MOMA

September 17, 2013

Ventilator, at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)


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IL time

August 11, 2013

It takes two to tango

August 11, 2013

Tango bar in Ba.As.

AMIA, Jewish life and memory

July 18, 2012

The Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (in English: Argentine Israelite Mutual Association), or AMIA in short, is located at the heart of Once, the historical Jewish neighborhood and former hub of Jewish life in Buenos Aires. Founded in 1893 as a Jewish burial association called Chevra Kadisha, it has since evolved into an organization that focuses on Jewish community development and cultural services.

On the morning of July 18, 1994, in one of the worst ever terrorist attacks in Argentina, a powerful bomb was detonated by the AMIA headquarters on Pasteur street. Tearing down the 7-story building, it took the lives of 85 people, injured 200 hundred more, and destroyed many of the community archives. The terrorist attack, which went unresolved in the years that followed, left the community in shock and horror.

Yaacov Agam‘s sculpture Monument to the Victims of the AMIA Terrorist Attack, which was erected on an elevated Star of David platform in the courtyard of the AMIA center, offers a 3D visual tribute to the victims while expressing a message of hope for justice and peace.

Here & There in Tel Aviv

April 13, 2012

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A tale of a ring, retold

June 1, 2011

Based on a novel by the same name, the play A Tale of a Ring puts on stage the forgotten story of Jewish prostitution in Buenos Aires. This clip features excerpts from dress rehearsal and interviews with novelist and playwright Ilan Sheinfeld and stage director Dalia Shimko.
Original score by Issar Shulman.

Footage was filmed for the upcoming tinro|Media documentary Laid to Rest which explores the Jewish white trade in turn-of-the-century Latin America.

צילומים מחזרת התלבושות למחזה “מעשה בטבעת” עפ”י ספרו של אילן שיינפלד ובבימוייה של דליה שימקו. צולם בתל-אביב במסגרת הצילומים לסרט הדוקומנטרי
המתעד את פרשת הטראפיקינג והזנות היהודית בארגנטינה בתחילת המאה ה-20