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Jerusalem of Gold

May 25, 2014

Wailing Wall, corner of Via Dolorosa

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Tear/Repair at the HBI

May 27, 2011

Interviewed in April 2011 at her Jerusalem studio, former HBI Artist-in-Residence Andi Arnovitz discussed the her work and sources of inspiration.

In Tear/Repair (kriah/ichooi), Hadassah-Brandeis Institute Artist-in-Residence Andi Arnovitz, created a new body of work — a series of sketches for paper coats that honor Jewish women who have impacted history and changed the world.

These coats are an extension of Arnovitz’s “Garments of Faith” series, which will also be on view. Each of these garments, fabricated from torn or intact papers, scrolls and book pages, represents injustices for Jewish women. The works address challenges throughout history to the present, from halachic and spiritual issues, to those of coexistence, and above all, issues related to gender.